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Parents Testimonials

I’m amazed at how much my child has progressed since joining CMA. Their confidence in math has skyrocketed, and it’s all thanks to the dedicated instructors and effective teaching methods at CMA. Highly recommended

Manju Shankar

CMA has been a game-changer for my child. Not only have they improved in math, but they’ve also become more focused and disciplined. I couldn’t be happier with their progress.


I was hesitant at first, but enrolling my child in CMA was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The transformation in their math skills has been incredible. Thank you, CMA!

Akhila Johny

CMA has given my child the confidence to tackle any math problem that comes their way. The skills they’ve learned here will stay with them for life. Thank you, CMA

Akhil s

CMA goes above and beyond to ensure every child succeeds. The instructors genuinely care about their students’ progress and provide the support they need to thrive. Highly recommended

Vaishak BT

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Student Testimonials

Thanks to CMA, math is no longer my least favorite subject. I actually look forward to solving math problems now, especially when I can use the abacus!


Abacus training at CMA has helped me become faster and more accurate in math. I used to be afraid of making mistakes, but now I know it’s all part of learning!


At CMA, I’ve learned that math isn’t scary—it’s actually really cool! I love challenging myself with new problems and seeing how fast I can solve them.


Abacus training at CMA has made me love math! It’s like solving puzzles, but with numbers. I never knew math could be this much fun!


Learning math with the abacus at CMA is so much fun! I used to struggle with numbers, but now I feel like a math wizard. I love coming to class and showing off my skills


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Teachers Testimonials

CMA’s holistic approach to education emphasizes not only academic excellence but also character development and personal growth. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to instill valuable life skills in our students while nurturing their love for learning. It’s a privilege to be a part of their educational journey.


At CMA, I have the privilege of witnessing the incredible growth and development of each student. It’s immensely rewarding to see them master new concepts and gain confidence in their abilities. Teaching at CMA has been a truly fulfilling experience


I’m constantly amazed by the dedication and enthusiasm of our students at CMA. Their eagerness to learn and explore mathematical concepts is truly inspiring. I’m grateful to be a part of their educational journey.


CMA provides a supportive and nurturing environment for both students and teachers. The collaborative atmosphere allows us to innovate and create engaging lesson plans that cater to each student’s unique learning style. It’s a pleasure to teach at CMA.


Working at CMA has been incredibly fulfilling. Seeing the progress and success of our students firsthand reaffirms the impact of quality education. I’m proud to be a part of a team that prioritizes student growth and achievement.


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