CMA :: The Advantage
CMA advocates the use of both hands in Mental Arithmetic as a result of research findings which showed that if both the right and left brains are stimulated together, the balanced growth will enhance your child's intelligence, ability to calculate complex arithmetic, concentrate better and longer, respond better and improve your child's memory and imaginative skills.
CMA :: Balance Improvement of Left & Right Brain
By learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic using both hands, one can:
  1. Stimulate the sense of sight
  2. Stimulate the hearing sense
  3. Stimulate the sense of feeling
  4. Stimulate the ability to imagine
When the 4 respective organs are stimulated simultaneously, a person's intellectuality will be enhanced quickly.
People who have mastered Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (Two-Hand Abacus System) demonstrate these positive results:
  • More developed left and right brain
  • Brain beta wave frequency formation
  • Improved calculation skill
  • Keener sense of sight, hearing and feeling
  • Improved concentration and absorption power.
  • Improved analytical and logical skills
  • Better creative and imaginative skills
  • Better memory power
  • More Self-confidence
  • More Self-reliant
  • Better comprehension skills
  • Sharper Observation capabilities
  • Improved endurance
  • Improved reflexes